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10 Stunning Details About Tibetan Mastiffs: A Vet-Permitted Information

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Tibetan Mastiffs are pretty uncommon in the US, however you’ve got most likely seen them a few times. These large, majestic canines have giant, fluffy manes and appear like lions at first look. However the Tibetan Mastiff is certainly a breed, one which has been round for lots of, perhaps even 1000’s of years.

These canines are additionally very fascinating once you be taught extra about them and their historical past. In actual fact, listed below are 10 stunning information concerning the Tibetan Mastiff that you could be not have recognized. Preserve studying to enhance your information of the Tibetan Mastiff!

10 Details About Tibetan Mastiffs

1. One of many oldest canine breeds in existence

The Tibetan Mastiff is believed to be native to Tibet and is without doubt one of the oldest breeds on this planet. In actual fact, Stone Age cave work within the Himalayas comprise illustrations of Tibetan Mastiffs. Nonetheless, not a lot is thought about its historical past, although it has been round for 1000’s of years. Nonetheless, we do know that these canines guarded Tibetan monasteries and labored as herding canines for livestock for a few years.

2. chinese language standing image

The Chinese language persons are large followers of the Tibetan Mastiff. Legend has it that each Buddha and Genghis Khan owned the breed, and right this moment the Tibetan Mastiff is a standing image of the nation. They’re extremely prized among the many billionaire class of China as they’re very excessive class canines. Individuals spent exorbitant quantities of cash to get this pet.

3. Identified in Tibet because the “Heavenly Canine”

Tibetan Mastiffs are loyal and protecting, making them wonderful guard canines (which is why they have been used to protect Tibetan monasteries). And in keeping with Tibetans, these canines can do many issues. In line with Tibetans, a Tibetan mastiff could make a leopard present its white options, shield 400 sheep, and slay 3 evil wolves. For this reason they named this pet “Heavenly Canine”.

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4. Believed to have souls

Tibetans additionally consider that the Tibetan Mastiff homes the souls of nuns and monks who have been unable to enter Shambhala or be reincarnated. Shambhala (“Place of Silence”) is a legendary paradise that may solely be entered by these of pure coronary heart or those that have attained enlightenment. Nonetheless, not all nuns and even monks can go to Shambhala, and it’s believed that the souls of those that weren’t virtuous sufficient to go to Shambhala are stored in Tibetan Mastiffs.

5. Launched to the Western world in 1847

Though this breed has been round for a very long time, it was not launched to the Western world till 1847. It was then that the Tibetan Mastiff was dropped at England and entered into the Kennel Membership pedigree for the primary time. Then Edward VII, Prince of Wales, introduced two extra of those canines to England in 1874. By 1931 the Tibetan Breed Affiliation was established and the primary official requirements for canines have been adopted.

6. didn’t seem in America till the Fifties

Regardless of its early introduction in England, it took one other 100 years for the breed to achieve America. Nobody is aware of precisely when the breed first appeared in the US, however the first official doc of the Tibetan Mastiff in the US was in 1958 when the Nepalese International Minister despatched two of those canines to President Eisenhower. It was one thing. Rumor has it that the pet was despatched to a farm within the Midwest as a result of it was a bit of too large for the White Home.

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7. Solely accredited by AKC in 2006

It took practically 50 years after its introduction to the US for the Tibetan Mastiff to be acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership (AKC). The primary Tibetan Mastiff got here to America within the Fifties, nevertheless it wasn’t till the Seventies that they grew to become a bit extra frequent. Then, 20 years after him, the breeder’s give attention to breed inventory and breed enchancment introduced additional advantages to his Mastiff Tibetan in the US. In 2006, the AKC lastly licensed the Tibetan Mastiff and added it to the Canine Working Group class.

8. banned in some international locations

Tibetan Mastiffs are recognized to be pleasant in direction of their households, so it could come as a shock that they’re banned in some international locations. Nonetheless, though he’s form to people, he’s additionally a guard canine, so he might be distrustful of strangers and animals. And due to their giant measurement, this protecting, territorial sense can pose an issue (particularly if the canine proprietor is not used to dealing with highly effective canines). In consequence, maintaining a Tibetan Mastiff will not be allowed in your space. Prohibited territories embody France, Malaysia, Bermuda, and elements of the US. Prohibitions within the US range by metropolis, so you’ll want to test earlier than buying these puppies.

9. most costly canine

We talked about earlier that the Tibetan Mastiff is a standing image in China and persons are prepared to pay tens of millions of {dollars} for a canine. And in 2011, Huge Splash, a pink mastiff, was allegedly bought for his 10 million yuan ($1.5 million). That is the best sale ever recorded for a canine, making the breed the costliest canine on this planet.

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Ten. most lively at evening

One more reason Tibetan Mastiffs are such wonderful guard canines is that they’re most lively at evening. Their tendency to remain up late could come from years of guarding Tibetan monasteries, as they robotically turn into alert when it will get darkish. Nonetheless, because of this although they’re wonderful watchdogs, it will probably additionally do the job of defending you when you find yourself making an attempt to sleep, as these puppies are actually awake and extra alert. means This may trigger him to bark all evening and sleep poorly, so contemplate that earlier than getting a pet.


Listed here are 10 stunning information concerning the Tibetan Mastiff. The Tibetan Mastiff is an extremely historical canine breed that guarded Tibetan monasteries and guarded them (and livestock) from threats. Though they’re nonetheless wonderful guard canines, they’re banned in some locations resulting from their defensive nature and huge measurement. In addition they have a protracted and storied historical past, filled with legends and mysteries. For those who do determine to undertake, be ready. Whereas they could be light with their very own individuals, these puppies are nonetheless giant, territorial, and highly effective, so issues can come up if not correctly educated.

Featured picture credit score: Tatyana Kuznetsova, Shutterstock

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