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25 Unusual Cat Behaviors and What They Imply

maine coon cat in pain

If there’s one factor America’s 46.5 million households with cats know, it is that their pets could be bizarre at occasions.1 They’ll do issues which are sudden or downright infuriating. However they love themselves a lot that we will not assist however love them. Our cats could also be perplexed, nevertheless it’s vital to do not forget that the period of time we spend with them is comparatively quick in comparison with canines. Canines and people started to bond between 20,000 and 40,000 years in the past, however Felidae inexplicably selected to reside with people round 9,500 years in the past.2 Some cat habits appears unusual to us. As a result of cats are nearer to their wild aspect.

25 unusual behaviors of cats

1. Catnip habits

Cats and catnip go collectively like peas and carrots. Nonetheless, not all species react the identical as your cat. Bobcats, cougars and tigers don’t prefer it as a lot as jaguars and lions. Some pets might not react in any respect. Nepetalactone is a chemical that makes kittens roll on the ground and behave unusually. Catnip might even be useful as a result of he’s extra repellent to mosquitoes than DEET.

2. wool fetish

Some cats chew on uncommon issues. Some concentrate on particular objects and textures corresponding to wool. It may be an indication of hereditary obsessive-compulsive dysfunction (OCD) that begins spontaneously.1 Different environmental elements, corresponding to stress or adjustments within the dwelling atmosphere, also can set off this habits. Regardless of the trigger, our pets appear to get pleasure from nibbling on our wool socks.

3. stare at you

When a cat stares at us with out blinking, it could actually really feel like we’re being watched. They present no indicators of aggression, nevertheless it nonetheless appears unusual. Come to consider it, your pet may be excited about you and what you are doing. In any other case, I am going to depart and discover one thing else. A feline’s listening to frequency vary extends far past ours. Your cat might look like staring, nevertheless it’s potential that he is simply listening to one thing you possibly can’t understand.

4. licking you

We all know that canines present affection by licking. Cats generally do too for a similar purpose. Bear in mind, felines spend lots of time grooming themselves and their housemates. It’s a ritual of bonding between animals. It will probably additionally embody people. Kittens might lick you and mark you with their scent. They could present safety for his or her pets to know that you’re theirs.

5. knead

That is maybe essentially the most notable habits on our record, and maybe one that may solely be related to cats. Scientists theorize that kneading is a holdover from kittenhood. Additionally it is an indication of a glad and glad cat. Pets can really feel good. After all, it might be one other manner for kittens to mark you as their very own by leaving a scent on you.

6. smash issues off the desk

They do not name cats curious for no purpose. Applicable or not, for some pets every little thing is a toy. Some cats drop objects off the desk and watch them hit the ground. Some do it on function to get your consideration. As feeding time approaches, we frequently discover this habits as if we forgot to provide our pet dinner.

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7. zoom round the home

It at all times makes me giggle to see our cat leaping round the home and generally bouncing off the partitions. It’s usually accompanied by roars and different sounds. And whether or not it is afternoon or midnight, it does not matter to your pet. It is normally an indication that the kitten enjoys being chased by a fantasy monster.

8. scratch

Most cat homeowners will encounter this habits in some unspecified time in the future, whether or not it is on the sofa or the lounge curtains. Felines instinctively scratch to mark their territory. They serve a wonderful function of visually leaving their presence. Scratching bushes is much much less harmful than preventing different animals. The stretching that accompanies it might really feel good for them.

9. cowl their meals

Caching meals is a typical habits all through the animal kingdom. That is one in all his methods to guard the meals so the kids can come again later and end their meal. Whether or not you want it or not, it is an instinctive factor for pets too. Instincts rule whenever you see a cat cowl its meals bowl, even when it is not coated by something. Your cat is simply making actions.

Ten. simple to be stunned

Completely different breeds of cats have completely different levels of concern. Research have discovered that the Russian Blue is essentially the most fearsome of the breeds analyzed.2 It’s pure for cats to understand their world and see new issues in it. Mistaking a innocent rock for a predator could be very completely different from dismissing a sleeping wolf as nothing. This habits is frequent whenever you transfer home or welcome a brand new pet into your property.

11. cover in a field

When you left the field on the ground after emptying it, you have in all probability observed this habits. Pets will go inside as quickly as they see it. Cats like containers that give them a way of safety. A safe wall round them permits them to understand an approaching menace. Sitting amongst animals reduces stress as a result of they’ll seem shielded from hazard and let their guard down.

12. Soar on bookshelves or different excessive locations

As a consequence of their distinctive anatomy, cats are able to leaping six occasions their physique size. Additionally they used it and bounced as much as six toes excessive to climb onto bookshelves, cabinets, and different excessive locations. It isn’t arduous to see why. It offers them a greater view of the room. A vantage level will help you discover prey or determine potential threats. Cats might also favor to sleep in several areas.

13. items for rodents

Maybe one of many strangest cat behaviors we have seen first hand is gifting rodents and different unlucky animals. Scientists speculate that it might certainly be a present for you, the pet proprietor. If you feed your cat, she desires to return the favor. Others recommend that it might be much less altruistic and extra egocentric to deliver one thing dwelling to eat in a protected place for kittens to benefit from the reward.

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14. get below the blanket

You’ve got in all probability seen cats crawl into their futons for a day nap. I believe they just like the safety of being hidden. They are going to really feel relaxed when your scent is round them. Plus, the heat will certainly really feel cozy, particularly on chilly winter days.

15. round

Within the cat world, it is fascinating to see animals growling and purring. You possibly can’t do each as a result of the skeletal construction is completely different to do both. Curiously, bobcats and cougars also can purr like pets. When a kitten does this, it is normally an indication that the cat is glad. Some folks make this sound when they’re confused, maybe to calm themselves down.

16. sleep with garments on

We have a tendency to consider canines because the tremendous sniffers of the animal kingdom. Nonetheless, analysis has proven that this block has one other baby – a cat. Felines reside in a world of various scents, and their sense of scent is essential to their survival. Your pet will seemingly affiliate your scent with security and luxury. It is no shock that individuals select to twist up on their garments to really feel safe and shut.

17. roll on the ground

Cats are expressive on each ends of their feelings. They get their message out loud and clear after they’re upset. Likewise, they do the identical when they’re glad. A glad pet might roll on the ground, twist its lengthy physique, and expose its stomach. The latter is why it seems to be a very good factor. A frightened animal is not going to present its underside to an unfavorable or sad individual.

18. chattering

Hunters might have realized from cats to maintain prey near them. This looks as if an affordable clarification, except you think about how cats discover their prey. They’re normally silent, suggesting that there’s one other which means to this habits. It could be pure pleasure on the thrill of close by weaker prey, most frequently birds. Some hypothesize that it’s the frustration of one thing so shut but so distant.

19. head butt

Head butts and bunting are cats’ affectionate gestures. Your kitty desires your consideration and is making an attempt to let you already know with this pretentious gesture. Your cat might also be marking you another way to assert you as his personal. Scent marking strengthens the bond with you. A headbutt can utterly rub you off or just put your head down.

20. unfair exclusion

Cats are normally choosy about the best way to use the litter field. They like to make use of her one location. Nonetheless, in case you neglect to wash the field, your pet might find yourself in sudden locations. When you use litter with a powerful scent, some animals might not use litter. When you have an older pet, it might be an indication of a urinary tract an infection. Stones could make it tough in your cat to urinate. We suggest that you simply seek the advice of your veterinarian about these points.

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twenty one. sleeping on a regular basis

Cats sleep loads. They’ll doze for as much as 16 hours or extra every day. Nonetheless, normally he’s divided into a number of periods all through the day. Curiously, our felines usually regulate their sleep habits to swimsuit household actions. They study mealtimes and their routines. Wild cats are normally crepuscular or nocturnal, relying on when their prey is lively.

twenty two. varied sounds

Scientists have recognized a minimum of 21 completely different sounds that cats make. Absolutely you will have observed the completely different sounds your pet makes at sure occasions. It is usually simple to learn a kitten’s feelings. It isn’t rocket science to grasp after they’re offended, from the hissing or the satisfaction they get after they purr. Felines use verbal and non-verbal communication with you and different animals.

twenty three. tail physique language

Cats categorical completely different feelings with their tails. If the pet holds it straight, the kitten is probably going in a very good temper. The other is true when a cat puffs up its tail. Issues come up as a result of animals really feel threatened. One other signal her pet is irritated is tail tapping. Cats use it as a warning to different cats and people making an attempt to push their limits.

twenty 4. kiss mark

Maybe any cat proprietor can relate to this habits. Maybe you might be sitting on the sofa together with your pet and petting it gently. Out of the blue they chunk you for no purpose. Cats aren’t at all times offended. Relatively, they’ve reached the restrict of their endurance. Felines favor quick, frequent affections to long-lasting shows of affection.

twenty 5. blink at you

Research have proven that cats generally need our consideration greater than meals. They don’t seem to be solitary animals as many individuals suppose. Felines additionally present affection in the direction of their caretakers. One among his most noticeable is his gradual blink. This contains squinting, blinking and shutting your eyes. Cats usually return this gesture to their homeowners. Pets love us dearly and are glad to point out it.


Some cat habits could appear unusual to us, however usually there are causes rooted in intuition. We have now lived with our fellow felines for hundreds of years, and so they have retained their innate responses to environmental stimuli, permitting them to outlive by means of the ages. They could appear ineffective and pointless, however cats do them nonetheless. In spite of everything, pets do what they need, it doesn’t matter what we are saying.

Featured picture credit score: Andriy Blokhin, Shutterstock

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