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Are Korean Maltese totally different from regular Maltese?Details and FAQs

Korean maltese in hanbok

The Maltese is a breed identified for its elegant look and charming persona. Nonetheless, you’ll have heard the time period “Korean Maltese” and questioned if there’s any distinction between Korean Maltese and common Maltese. They don’t seem to be fully separate breeds, however there are some minor variations between the 2. Hold studying that can assist you get higher knowledgeable as we focus on the traits and origins of the Korean Maltese and common Maltese canines.

maltese canine breeds

The Maltese is a small, toy-sized canine with an extended, silky white coat. Pleasant and affectionate, they’re well-liked household pets. Its precise origins are shrouded in thriller, although many consider it started within the Mediterranean area earlier than the rise of Greece, whereas others consider it started anyplace from Egypt to the Swiss Alps. In any case, the Maltese is an historical canine breed with an extended historical past.

korean maltese

You will need to word that no Kennel Membership acknowledges the Korean Maltese as a separate breed from the Commonplace Maltese. “Korean Maltese” is solely used to explain Maltese canines bred or native to Korea. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that they’ve distinct traits or are radically totally different from different Maltese canines. Variations, if any, have extra to do with the breeder than the breed.


origin and recognition

Korean breeders have a repute for producing high quality Maltese canines. Over time, they’ve centered on breeding canines with particular traits resembling small measurement, brief muzzles, and spherical heads. These breeding preferences have made the Korean Maltese well-liked with sure circles, particularly Koreans and fans preferring a specific look to their pets.

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Look and bodily traits

Korean Maltese might have refined variations in comparison with Maltese from different areas. For instance, Korean breeders usually purpose for a extra compact physique construction and a shorter, extra “child doll” face. In consequence, Korean Maltese might have barely totally different head shapes, shorter noses, and flatter faces than common Maltese. Nonetheless, it is very important word that these variations will not be restricted to Korean Maltese and can also be present in Maltese canines from different areas.


temperament and character

The Korean Maltese shares the identical traits because the common Maltese and is an affectionate, clever, playful canine that thrives on companionship and human interplay. Each make nice household pets and their mild and affectionate nature makes them glorious companion and remedy canines. They get alongside nicely with youngsters and may get alongside nicely with different pets if socialized early.

care and upkeep

The Korean Maltese has an extended, luxurious coat that requires common grooming to stop matting and tangling. Common dental care, train and a balanced food plan are important to sustaining general good well being. Common check-ups together with your veterinarian will catch issues early and enhance your possibilities of restoration.

Is the Korean Maltese a distinct breed than the common Maltese?

No, the Korean Maltese isn’t a separate breed from the common Maltese. Individuals use the time period “Korean Maltese” to seek advice from Maltese canines that originated in Korea or have been bred by Korean breeders. Nonetheless, in line with the American Kennel Membership and different teams, there are not any distinct traits that distinguish them as separate breeds.

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Breeders might choose Maltese dad and mom with fascinating traits, resembling spherical heads and small our bodies, and “selectively breed” canines with related traits. If a canine with these traits turns into so well-liked that most individuals within the space personal it, as in South Korea, folks may consider it as a separate breed. Nonetheless, selective breeding is totally different from crossing a Maltese with one other breed resembling a Poodle to supply a hybrid or blended breed (maltipoo on this case).


The place can I discover a Korean Maltese for adoption?

If you wish to undertake a Korean Maltese, we suggest contacting a good breeder who makes a speciality of Maltese canines to see in the event that they may also help. You may also examine together with your native rescue group to see if there’s one that may take your pet.


The Korean Maltese is identical canine because the common Maltese, has the identical temperament and shares many traits. In some instances, the one distinction is that the canine originated in South Korea or was created by a Korean breeder. It will probably additionally refer to straightforward Maltese breeds which were bred for traits which can be well-liked in Korea, resembling small our bodies and spherical faces. Nonetheless, it is vital to notice that you simply might be able to discover a typical Maltese with the identical traits simply by buying round, earlier than spending more money on Maltese particularly.

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