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Can Canine Be Allergic To Pollen? (Veterinarian’s reply)


Do Canine Have Pollen Allergy symptoms? Sure completely you may! Like people, canines can react to tree, grass, and weed pollen. Nevertheless, the signs are sometimes so completely different from ours that we could not instantly acknowledge the indicators. Whereas people are inclined to sneeze, really feel pink, and have itchy eyes, pollen allergic reactions in canines often manifest themselves on the pores and skin.

What are the signs of pollen allergy in canines?

The commonest indicators of pollen allergy in canines are:

  • redness of the pores and skin (can happen solely on sure elements of the physique or wherever)
  • Extreme licking or chewing (particularly paw pads)
  • Extreme scratching (particularly on the legs, armpits, groin, stomach, and beneath the neck)

Licking, biting, and scratching all typically result in secondary pores and skin infections (e.g. scorching spots) and hair loss.

Some much less frequent indicators of pollen allergy in canines embody:

  • Rubbing eyes and face +/- eye discharge
  • Rhinitis (sneezing, runny nostril)
  • frequent ear infections

How are pollen allergic reactions in canines handled?

Sadly, avoiding pollen shouldn’t be very sensible, however there are various choices for managing canines with pollen allergic reactions.

1. In case your pet’s allergy season is predictable and pretty brief (just a few weeks a yr, for instance), it might make sense to easily deal with signs once they seem.

Symptom administration contains:

  • After spending time outside, give them a shower to scrub away pollen from their pores and skin and fur.
  • Vacuum, mud, and alter indoor air filters usually
  • topical therapies (e.g. medicated shampoos/sprays/lotions)
  • Oral antipruritic medicine (eg, Apoquel®, prednisone)
  • Antibody remedy (equivalent to Cytopoint® injection)
  • Dietary administration (e.g., veterinarian-prescribed diets and dietary supplements designed to advertise a wholesome pores and skin barrier that will increase tolerance to allergens)
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2. For canines with lengthy allergy seasons, particularly these affected all yr spherical, it typically is smart to think about immunotherapy.

The objective of immunotherapy is to desensitize the immune system to sure allergens (equivalent to pollen). That is executed by steadily exposing the physique to growing quantities of the offending allergen, both by injection beneath the pores and skin or by administering a liquid by mouth.

An obstacle of immunotherapy is that it takes a very long time (as much as a yr) to see most enchancment. It’s also necessary to notice that whereas most canines reply properly to immunotherapy, not all puppies reply properly.

3. Remember to handle meals allergic reactions (in case your pet has meals allergic reactions).

Canine with environmental allergic reactions typically even have meals allergic reactions. If they’ll restrict the full variety of allergens they’re uncovered to, they’re typically higher capable of handle their signs.

Sadly, there’s at the moment no take a look at to precisely diagnose meals allergic reactions in canines, so now we have to depend on elimination weight loss program trials right now. This doesn’t suggest simply making an attempt various kinds of pet food.

A correct elimination weight loss program incorporates very restricted (or hydrolyzed) elements and requires very strict management over what the puppies eat all through the examine (often 8-12 weeks). there’s. This isn’t one thing that may be taken frivolously, so please seek the advice of your veterinarian earlier than trying a weight loss program by yourself.

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Can any canine ​​develop a pollen allergy?

Affected canines are thought to have a genetic predisposition to pollen allergy, which can clarify why hay fever is extra frequent in sure breeds. Nevertheless, canines of any breed (even blended breeds) can develop pollen allergic reactions.

How is pollen allergy recognized in canines?

In case your canine reveals any of the above signs at sure instances of the yr (when pollen counts are excessive), you or your veterinarian could suspect hay fever.

As soon as your veterinarian has dominated out different causes of itching (parasites, pores and skin infections, and so forth.), an intradermal pores and skin take a look at (IDT) is likely one of the finest methods to find out precisely which pollen your pet is allergic to. is. For this take a look at, a veterinarian injects a grid of small quantities of various allergens into the pores and skin and information which allergens trigger a response (redness or swelling on the injection web site).

One of these examination is often carried out by a veterinary dermatologist, and pets are often given some sedation to attenuate stress and discomfort through the examination.

Serum allergy testing (taking a blood pattern to check for environmental allergic reactions) could also be extra acceptable for some sufferers, whereas serum allergy testing is really useful along with IDT for probably the most correct ends in some instances.

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When are pollen allergic reactions more than likely to seem in canines?

The primary indicators of pollen allergy often seem in canines between the ages of 6 months and three years.

Can canine pollen allergic reactions be cured?

Sadly, no. Affected canines require lifelong administration.


In case your good friend’s canine is itching excessively at sure instances of the yr, you could be allergic to pollen, particularly for those who discover your personal seasonal allergic reactions reappearing across the identical time. There’s a risk. Whereas there isn’t any remedy for allergic reactions right now, there are various wonderful treatments to maintain your pet snug through the pollen flies.

Featured picture credit: emkanicepic, Pixabay

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