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Can Chook Mites Infect Cats? Veterinarian-Verified Info & Ideas

A cat scratching its chin infected with jaw mites

Chook mites – Small blood-sucking parasites that infest poultry, wild birds, and pets. However can they survive consuming furry pets alongside feathered pets? You would possibly suppose that chicken mites do not contact cats, however that is not fully true. Chook ticks require chicken blood to breed, however many species can even goal mammals in emergencies. If no chicken host is discovered, chicken mites might attempt to survive by feeding on the blood of canine and cats.

Chook mites can’t spend their lives on cats, however they’ll chunk and feed on them.

all about chicken ticks

There are numerous several types of chicken mites, however all of them have some issues in widespread. It’s a small insect with a physique size of only some millimeters. Chook mites survive by ingesting the blood of birds and sometimes lay eggs on their wings. Some sorts of chicken mites dwell completely on their host birds, whereas others dwell on nesting supplies, fallen leaves, and bedding. The chicken mite goes by way of her 4 life phases: egg, larva, nymph and grownup.


Chook mite eggs are laid in nests and feathers by grownup chicken ticks. It takes about 1-2 days to hatch.


Chook mite eggs hatch into larvae. These are younger, immature chicken mites that don’t feed. The larval interval is brief, lasting only some hours.

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Just a few hours after hatching, the larvae moult for the primary time. They’re then generally known as nymphs. Birds are sought at this level for species that aren’t born with birds as hosts. Then they may have their first blood meal. Nymphs molt a number of occasions over a interval of days to weeks and feed usually.


Ticks are thought-about adults when they’re able to reproduce and lay eggs. Grownup lifespans differ by species, with some dwelling so long as eight months. They lay a number of eggs per week and proceed to suck blood all of the whereas.

when a chicken tick bites a cat

Chook mites often desire to dwell on birds and require chicken blood to breed. Nonetheless, this nonetheless doesn’t forestall ticks from infesting different species in a pinch. When the host chicken dies and there are not any different birds left, the tick pounces on a cat, canine, or human as a substitute. The chunk appears like a small puncture wound, and the tick begins to swell with blood, turning pink within the course of.

Reactions to bites differ, some pets present no response to bites, whereas others present swelling, redness, and different indicators. The one positive signal of chicken ticks is discovering ticks in your pet.

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Chook mites can develop and survive on mammalian blood, however they can’t reproduce. Because of this if a cat catches a chicken tick, it dies comparatively shortly with out laying eggs.

What to do in case your cat has chicken mites

In case you discover your cat has worms, it is necessary to get a correct analysis out of your veterinarian. Additionally, not all ticks are seen to the bare eye. As well as, there are different species of fleas and ticks that may breed inside cats, and are extra widespread in cats.

final thought

Chook mites are crucial for the survival of birds, however in a pinch they might chunk your cat as a substitute. Generally, chicken mites usually are not a priority for cat house owners. Responses to chicken tick bites are typically gentle, and chicken ticks are unable to thrive in cats. In case your cat seems to be infested with ticks, we advocate that you just seek the advice of your veterinarian to find out the kind of tick.

Featured picture credit: YuryKara, Shutterstock

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