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European Basset Hound and American Basset Hound: Key Variations (with Footage)

European Basset Hound vs American Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are recognizable by their floppy ears, wrinkles, low stomach to the bottom, and droopy eyes, however have you learnt the distinction between the European and American Basset Hounds? not so comparable. So how do you select one over the opposite? Properly, let’s take a more in-depth have a look at each breeds so you’ll be able to determine which one is true for your loved ones!

visible distinction

at a look

european basset hound

  • Common peak (grownup): 10 to fifteen inches
  • Common weight (grownup): 40-70 kilos
  • lifespan: 10-12 years
  • train: 1 hour or extra per day
  • Grooming Wants: reasonable
  • Household pleasant: sure
  • Different Pets Allowed: frequent
  • Trainability: Clever, cussed, single-minded

american basset hound

  • Common peak (grownup): 11 to fifteen inches
  • Common weight (grownup): 40-80 kilos
  • lifespan: 10-12 years
  • train: 1 hour or extra per day
  • Grooming Wants: reasonable
  • Household pleasant: sure
  • Different Pets Allowed: frequent
  • Trainability: Clever, simply distracted, unbiased

Overview of the European Basset Hound

The European Basset Hound’s origins date again to France within the sixth century, making it an older breed than the American Basset Hound. However let’s have a look at how else this breed differs from its American counterpart.


The European Basset Hound was bred to hunt small recreation and has by no means misplaced its urge for food for prey. Nevertheless, regardless of their lengthy historical past of working with people, they’ve tailored effectively as companion canines. They’re loyal, affectionate, and usually get together with all members of their household, whether or not human or animal. They’re a relaxed breed, so it may be tough to rise up and transfer.


Basset Hounds are sensible and have a working historical past, so you would be forgiven for pondering they’d be straightforward to coach. European Bassets are very cussed and lazy, which makes it tough to remain motivated. The trick is to maintain coaching periods brief and use optimistic reinforcement to keep up curiosity.

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Not solely is the European Basset Hound a bit lazy, however he loves meals, so he tends to achieve weight simply. Train is due to this fact important. They want at the least one hour of train every day, together with walks across the neighborhood and playtime corresponding to fetching and sniffing video games. Train additionally gives psychological stimulation, resulting in further issues that may have an effect on bodily well being, corresponding to Bassett changing into bored, exhibiting undesirable behaviors, and exhibiting indicators of tension and stress. to forestall

well being care

One factor that makes the European Basset Hound completely different from the American Basset Hound is its tendency to wrinkle. Which means that some warning is required. They’re liable to ear and pores and skin infections, and the extra wrinkles they’ve, the extra possible they’re to develop an an infection. They need to be bathed at the least twice per week, paying shut consideration to their ears, wrinkles and wrinkles. Verify ears and creases each day for indicators of irritation or an infection. Different widespread well being issues that each bassets are susceptible to incorporate:

  • arthritis
  • carpal valgus
  • ear and pores and skin infections
  • Glaucoma
  • hip and elbow dysplasia
  • weight problems
  • patellar dislocation


In relation to grooming, the European Basset Hound must be brushed each day, or at the least each two days. The coat is easy and brief, so it doesn’t require a lot grooming. Like all canines, their enamel have to be brushed. Ideally he ought to brush his enamel twice a day and at the least thrice per week. Additionally, you will want to chop your nails.

Appropriate for:

European Basset Hounds are nice canines for households, singles, and people with different pets if socialized early on. Endurance is required in grooming and caring for pores and skin, wrinkles and droopy ears. As a result of their stubbornness, they are often tough to coach for first-time homeowners, however when you discover it tough, you’ll be able to enroll your pup in knowledgeable canine coaching class.

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Overview of the American Basset Hound

The American Basset Hound is extremely much like the European Basset Hound. It is solely barely greater, however not a lot that it impacts your alternative, and it is barely much less wrinkled than the European Basset.


The American Basset Hound is understood for being pleasant and mild identical to the European Basset Hound. They love their homeowners, however they don’t seem to be very sticky. Nevertheless, they don’t like being alone for lengthy intervals of time as they undergo from bouts of loneliness and might result in undesirable behaviors corresponding to howling and barking. A human or animal companion may help with this.


They love meals, so utilizing treats throughout coaching makes life slightly simpler. These are sniffing canines and have by no means misplaced their instincts. Particular consideration must be paid to coaching when strolling, as they are going to chase you when you odor a very fascinating scent. As with the European basset, coaching periods are stored brief and optimistic reinforcement is used to maintain you motivated.


American Basset Hounds are educated to hunt and be lively, however they don’t seem to be very lively canines, so it’s as much as the proprietor to make them transfer. At the very least he wants an hour of train, so attempt to have enjoyable. As a result of their weight and form, they could need assistance leaping off furnishings or getting out of vehicles. To forestall accidents from leaping, you’ll be able to set up ramps close to furnishings or use ramps hooked up to your automotive.

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well being care

The American Basset Hound is in each approach the identical because the European Basset Hound, besides that it has fewer wrinkles. Nevertheless, they’re liable to ear and pores and skin issues, so nice care have to be taken to make sure that these areas don’t turn out to be infected or contaminated. Each are liable to the identical issues, so common veterinary visits are necessary, particularly as Basset ages, because the veterinarian is prone to spot issues early.

Appropriate for:

Just like the European Basset Hound, the American Basset is a superb companion for every kind of household and single pet homeowners. I do not like being alone for lengthy intervals of time and I am fairly lazy in the case of exercising, so it is not for individuals who get pleasure from lengthy hikes of their spare time. It is advisable make investments time in coaching and caring for your particular wants, like cleansing your ears or wrinkles.

Which breed is best for you?

The European and American Basset Hounds are extremely comparable breeds, so comparable that one wonders why they’re acknowledged as separate breeds. Though primarily the identical, the names “European” and “American” point out variations in bodily traits versus pedigree. The American Basset Hound is barely bigger and the European Basset Hound is extra wrinkly.

So when you’ve got the time to coach and look after these stunning canines, it is clear that no matter breed you select, they are going to be a terrific addition to your loved ones.

Featured Picture Credit: (T) Marry Kolesnik, Shutterstock | (B) Invoice Anastasiou, Shutterstock

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