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How appropriate are cocker spaniels with cats?Getting Began Suggestions and Tips

A cocker spaniel with a cat under the sheets

The Cocker Spaniel is a well-liked canine breed identified for being pleasant and affectionate. For those who’re a cat proprietor hoping to get a Cocker Spaniel, you is likely to be questioning how properly these two get alongside.

It’s not possible to foretell the precise relationship between two animals. Nonetheless, understanding their typical habits may also help you make knowledgeable choices. However the basic reply is Cocker spaniels can simply settle for different furry members if the proper situations are met.

This time, we are going to introduce the traits of cocker spaniels and cats, and the precautions when introducing them. Listed below are some recommendations on tips on how to enhance your relationship.

Cocker spaniels and cats: what to anticipate

Cocker spaniels normally get alongside properly with cats below the proper circumstances. But every animal has its personal persona. Subsequently, there is no such thing as a assure that two animals will get alongside completely.

These canines normally work together with cats in a pleasant and inquisitive method. They could method the cat, wagging its tail, and attempt to sniff or lick it. Cocker spaniels are typically not very aggressive with cats and will even attempt to play with them.

However it needs to be remembered that they had been initially bred as searching canines. As such, they’ve an intuition to chase small animals, together with cats. Because of this some Cocker Spaniels can hurt cats.

It also needs to be saved in thoughts that every animal is exclusive and the habits of animals relies on their personalities and experiences. Some Cocker Spaniels are very pleasant with cats and present little curiosity in chasing them. Alternatively, some folks want extra effort and time to construct a superb relationship.

When introducing a cocker spaniel to a cat, proceed slowly and ensure each animals are secure. This will likely embrace protecting them separate initially. After that, regularly enhance the period of time you spend collectively below supervision.

Suggestions for Introducing a Cocker Spaniel to a Cat

When introducing a Cocker Spaniel to a cat, steps needs to be taken to make sure that they coexist peacefully. Listed below are some suggestions for homeowners to stop cocker spaniel and cat conflicts.

1. begin slowly

Bringing a brand new canine into the household is a good time. However it’s necessary to take issues slowly to make sure a clean transition for everybody concerned. Begin in a managed atmosphere the place you’ll be able to carefully observe their interactions.

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A method to do that is to introduce them right into a small room with a gate, or one other space of ​​your house. This helps stop sudden actions that would startle the animal. You can even monitor their interactions by placing them on a leash or utilizing child gates to separate them.

If you first introduce your cocker spaniel and cat, allow them to get used to one another by sniffing one another. To do that, place the bait bowl reverse the gate or in one other room space. That means they’ll get used to one another’s presence with out being intimidated.

2. Let’s begin with exchanging scents.

Scent change is a crucial first step in introducing your Cocker Spaniel to your cat. This enables every animal to turn out to be accustomed to the opposite’s scent earlier than assembly them in individual. This can assist cut back any concern or nervousness chances are you’ll really feel while you lastly meet head to head.

Rub your cocker spaniel with a clear towel to begin the scent change. Pay specific consideration to the neck, again and tail, the place the scent is most concentrated. Subsequent, place a towel close to your cat’s sleeping space or the place your cat spends loads of time.

Let your cat sniff the towel and get used to the Cocker Spaniel’s odor. Conversely, it’s also possible to rub a towel over your cat and place it close to the place your cocker spaniel sleeps. This can assist your Cocker Spaniel get used to cat smells.

Repeat this course of 3-4 occasions over a number of days. This manner, pets have ample alternative to get used to one another’s smells. It reduces the concern and nervousness chances are you’ll really feel when assembly in individual.

3. supervise the interplay

Monitoring your cocker spaniel and cat interactions will be certain that they’ll coexist peacefully. It is very important keep watch over your pets when they’re in the identical room. Additionally, be careful for indicators of aggression or overexcitability.

Aggression can manifest as grunting, hissing, barking, and hitting. You can even fear about your cocker spaniel as it might chase or soar in your cat if overexcited. Inevitably, the cat will really feel threatened and frightened.

For those who discover these behaviors, your pet needs to be eliminated instantly. This prevents potential collisions and ensures the security of each animals. To do that, they are often separated by child gates or positioned in separate rooms.

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It is also necessary to know your cocker spaniel’s urge for food for prey. As a searching canine breed, Cocker Spaniels could chase small animals, together with cats. For those who discover this type of habits, work on coaching and socializing your canine to assist him overcome that intuition.

4. Give every animal its personal area

Giving every animal its personal area permits them to coexist peacefully. When animals share the identical area, territorial points can come up, resulting in battle and stress. By giving every pet its personal area, you’ll be able to present them with a spot to cover after they really feel overwhelmed or careworn.

A method to supply separate areas is to assign every animal a selected room or space of ​​the home. For instance, you’ll be able to arrange a comfortable mattress and toys on your cat in an empty room. A Cocker Spaniel, however, may have a crate or mattress in the lounge or elsewhere in the home. This helps stop turf wars and provides every pet a spot to take pleasure in some alone time.

5. present a wealth of sources

Having separate meals and water bowls, toys and bedding for every animal can hinder useful resource conservation. Extra importantly, it promotes the peaceable coexistence of cocker spaniels and cats.

Useful resource conservation happens when animals understand sure sources as useful. So attempt to stop different animals from accessing it. This will trigger battle and stress between pets and result in aggression.

Present every animal with its personal set of sources to stop useful resource safety. This contains separate meals and water bowls and quite a lot of toys and bedding. Consequently, they really feel no have to compete with different animals for entry.

Pets also needs to be fed in separate areas of the home. This prevents competitors and aggression throughout meals. You possibly can feed your cocker spaniel in a single room and your cat in one other, and even use a pet feeder to feed every animal at particular occasions.

6. Use constructive reinforcement

Optimistic reinforcement is a strong software to advertise coexistence between pets. Praising your pet for calm, pleasant habits may also help construct constructive relationships between pets.

Among the finest methods to harness constructive reinforcement is thru treats. For those who see your cocker spaniel and cat interacting properly, give them a bit of deal with. As such, they may affiliate good habits with treats and proceed to behave pleasant in direction of one another.

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In addition to treats, it’s also possible to reward or play together with your canine as a reward for good habits. Give numerous verbal reward while you see your pet behaving calmly. To strengthen these interactions, you’ll be able to contain them in enjoyable play classes.

7. be affected person

It is also necessary to permit pets to method one another at their very own tempo. This helps stop concern, nervousness and aggression in your pet. Every pet has its personal persona, so it will not be straightforward to turn out to be finest buddies.

To ease the introduction, preserve the cocker spaniel on a leash and the cat in one other room. Let your cocker spaniel sniff the room and get used to the odor of your cat. Within the meantime, let your cat sniff round your Cocker Spaniel’s bedding and toys.

Even when your pet does not make buddies immediately, that does not imply they can not coexist peacefully. Give them sufficient time to get used to one another and keep watch over their interactions. Over time, they might be taught to tolerate one another and even turn out to be buddies and play collectively.

8. search skilled assist

In case your cocker spaniel and cat are nonetheless having bother getting alongside, search assist from knowledgeable coach or behaviorist. Trainers and behaviorists may also help determine the underlying points behind this wrestle. You can even make particular person plans to assist your pet get alongside.

For instance, behaviorists could advocate desensitization and counterconditioning strategies. This contains introducing pets right into a managed atmosphere and rewarding them for good habits. A coach may match with you to create a rewards-based coaching plan.


Cocker spaniels and cats can get alongside very properly in the proper atmosphere. Understanding their habits will assist develop a constructive bond between the 2 of you.

It is necessary to keep in mind that all animals are distinctive. Some Cocker Spaniels wish to bond with their cats, however others want extra effort and time.

A affected person and proactive method provides your cocker spaniel and cat the very best likelihood of residing collectively in concord.

Featured picture credit score: Ermolaev Alexander, Shutterstock

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