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How lengthy do maltese canines dwell?Life expectancy and info surveyed by veterinarians

oil painting of white maltese dog

Maltese canines are common for his or her attractive white coat and playful character. They make nice household pets, however how lengthy do they dwell?

Nicely, some have had their seventeenth birthday, however their life expectancy is far shorter. Maltese have a median lifespan of 12-15 years. Nevertheless, you possibly can count on them to dwell longer than common massive canines resembling German Shepherds, Mastiffs and Rottweilers.

Be taught extra about Maltese canine lifespans and what you are able to do to increase your pet’s lifespan.

What’s the common lifespan of a Maltese?

Maltese canines dwell longer than the common canine as a result of they’re a toy breed. Most canines have a lifespan of 10-12 years. Nevertheless, Maltese can dwell 12 to fifteen years except they face severe well being issues.

Maltese canines have a life expectancy of 13.5 years. Females dwell barely longer than males (on common she lives a 12 months longer).

Why do some Maltese canines dwell longer than others?

Maltese canines have a lifespan of 12 to fifteen years, however this isn’t at all times the case. Some have lived to be 15, 16, or 17 years previous. Conversely, not all Maltese canines are fortunate sufficient to achieve their anticipated lifespan.

A wide range of components can contribute to lengthening or shortening a Maltese’s lifespan. We’ll have a look at a few of them beneath.

1. vitamin

Poor vitamin may cause well being issues and adversely have an effect on a canine’s lifespan. However, overconsumption can result in weight problems and different life-threatening issues resembling kidney illness and pancreatitis.

Subsequently, it’s important to feed your Maltese canine a balanced and nutritious food plan.

After all, selecting one of the best food plan in your pet is determined by that pet’s particular person wants. However on the whole, you need to at all times select a food plan that accommodates high-quality vitamins and keep away from low-quality meals with chemical components that may result in lethal well being issues resembling most cancers.

Maltese puppies are vulnerable to hypoglycemia on account of their small dimension. Subsequently, they need to be fed no less than 3-4 occasions a day till they attain 4 months of age. As soon as your canine’s physique is developed sufficient to control glucose ranges, you possibly can transition to 2-3 occasions a day.

2. setting and circumstances

Maltese canines are a toy breed, so they’re very prone to die from trauma. As a result of their small dimension and weight, they’re extra prone to be injured in comparison with bigger canines. Guaranteeing good ambient circumstances is subsequently important to make sure a protracted service life.

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Puppies are probably the most weak. So watch your step to keep away from tripping. Even crowded locations are harmful as puppies can disturb strangers or unintentionally journey over them.

Grownup Maltese canines should not with out hazard and will by no means be left unsupervised. In the event you should take him to a crowded place, at all times maintain him on a leash to forestall doable accidents.

Maltese canines are affectionate and may get alongside effectively in massive households. Nevertheless, it’s more practical in households with older youngsters who might be dealt with with care. Younger or noisy youngsters are sometimes careless and may fatally injure a canine whereas taking part in.

3. Enclosure dimension/dwelling space/housing

In contrast to different massive, energetic breeds, Maltese do not want a big dwelling or yard to run, train, or play. Nevertheless, the house in your house must be massive sufficient in your pet to play with out endangering his life.

Keep in mind that Maltese canines are small and vulnerable to trauma and damage throughout play. Subsequently, there should be sufficient house for all individuals to maneuver safely.

4. dimension

Basically, smaller breeds are likely to dwell longer than bigger breeds. No surprise most canines do not dwell previous the age of 12, however the Maltese can dwell as much as 15 years.

A canine’s lifespan inside a Maltese household can be decided by dimension. Living proof, the smaller model of the breed, the Teacup Maltese, is much less prone to dwell its anticipated lifespan.

As a result of their compact dimension, they’re extra vulnerable to well being issues than customary Maltese. As well as, the possibilities of being fatally injured are additionally elevated.

5. intercourse

Like most breeds, feminine Maltese canines dwell longer than male canines. On common, females dwell a 12 months longer than males.

Canine mortality research have proven that females usually tend to have a survival benefit in neutered canines. The research additionally discovered that intercourse elimination had a better influence on pup lifespan than bitch intercourse.

6. gene

Genes might play an essential function in figuring out the lifespan of Maltese canines. This breed is vulnerable to a wide range of genetic illnesses that may be life-threatening if not detected and handled early.

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For instance, patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is an inherited illness that may result in coronary heart failure and loss of life if not handled in puppies. Liver shunts are additionally hereditary and might be deadly if left undetected.

7. breeding historical past

A canine’s breeding historical past determines its lifespan. That is why it is important to be taught in regards to the pet’s household tree earlier than elevating a Maltese pet.

Breeders ought to be capable of present all related info relating to the well being of the pet’s dad and mom and grandparents. Learn the way lengthy they lived and, if doable, the reason for loss of life.

Some deadly circumstances might be handed from mum or dad to offspring. So if a relative died of a genetic illness, your pup can also have a genetic predisposition.

Don’t belief breeders who don’t give passable solutions. It simply reveals they do not take their canine’s well being severely or display screen them for illness.

8. well being care

Maltese canines are typically wholesome and most dwell their anticipated lifespan. Nevertheless, genetic problems can shorten lifespan. These embody patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) and liver shunts.

Patent ductus arteriosus might be cured with surgical procedure if detected early. Subsequently, all puppies must be examined for such abnormalities earlier than they result in coronary heart failure.

Equally, liver shunts, if detected early, might be managed with correct food plan and medicines. Nevertheless, in some circumstances surgical procedure could also be vital.

Common checkups are vital for all canines, whether or not they look wholesome or not. Subsequently, Maltese homeowners ought to contemplate seeing a veterinarian no less than annually.

The 4 life levels of the Maltese

Now that you understand how lengthy a Maltese canine can dwell, let’s check out the totally different levels of its life cycle.

The 4 levels embody pet, adolescent, grownup and senior. Studying about them gives you a greater understanding of Maltese canine conduct.


Maltese puppies develop their sense of sight and scent within the first two to 3 weeks of life. Additionally they begin shifting at this stage.

Puppies are normally weaned after 8 weeks of age. A mom is determined by it for nourishment and heat, so she ought to spend time together with her mom earlier than she reaches that age.

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Maltese canines attain puberty between 5 and eight months of age. At this stage, the pet’s hormones start to activate. Right here you will get a glimpse of their loving, protecting, and clever character as your pup grows up.


Maltese canines attain full dimension once they attain maturity and are simpler to handle as soon as they attain this stage. That is normally 6-8 months for many puppies. Nevertheless, it might take him 12-15 months to achieve grownup dimension.

Maltese canines are energetic at this age. They get pleasure from taking part in and going for walks.


When a Maltese reaches 8 to 10 years of age, it’s thought of a senior canine. You will know your canine has reached this stage when it begins to decelerate. Different indicators embody poor imaginative and prescient and an absence of enthusiasm for play.

Maltese canines are extra weak to sickness and infections at this stage.So do not forget to go to your veterinarian often.

How one can inform the age of a maltese

You possibly can guess the age of a Maltese canine by taking a look at its enamel. Milk enamel start to erupt between 3 and eight weeks of age and start to fall out between 4 and 5 months of age.

After maturity, it may be tough to find out age based mostly on enamel alone. It’s subsequently helpful to check their conduct. For instance, Maltese canines are energetic when younger, however are likely to grow to be sluggish once they attain seniority.

Essentially the most dependable solution to learn how previous your canine is is to seek the advice of your veterinarian. Conduct related checks and evaluations to make extra correct predictions.


Maltese canines have a lifespan of 12 to fifteen years. Nevertheless, relying on vitamin, copy, medication, and genetics, lifespans might be longer or shorter. With correct care and upkeep, some people can dwell as much as 17 years.

Maltese canines dwell longer than the common canine as a result of they’re a toy breed. Nevertheless, genetic well being circumstances can shorten lifespan.

Subsequently, screening puppies at an early age is important. Common visits to the veterinarian are additionally really useful to rule out potential well being issues.

Featured picture credit score: Hans Benn, Pixabay

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