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Inform if Your Cat Has Parasites: 8 Indicators and Steadily Requested Questions Reviewed by Veterinarians

Sick cat lying on the sofa

Probably the most unlucky experiences for cat homeowners and their cats is discovering worms colonizing their intestine. Not solely is discovering bugs an alarmingly disagreeable expertise, it might additionally pose well being considerations for you and your cat. Nevertheless, most sorts of worms will be handled and eradicated with appropriate prognosis and administration.

If you’re involved that your cat has parasites, seek the advice of your veterinarian for recommendation and efficient remedies.

If you cannot see the parasites, it may be complicated in case your cat has them. So we have put collectively an inventory of indicators that your cat has an unwelcome visitor. We reply among the most often requested questions. I’ve a query about these parasites.

8 Indicators of Cat Parasites

1. I see a worm

The obvious signal that your cat has parasites is when they’re seen. Complete or half worms or eggs could also be discovered within the stool. Often, bugs or eggs can migrate into the cat’s anus and turn out to be lodged within the fur. Roundworms resemble spaghetti and are normally present in poop or vomit.

Tapeworms are segmented, lengthy, and flat, and your cat’s poop could comprise complete tapeworms or protrude from the rectum. Typically the items can separate and appear to be rice items.

2. weight reduction

In case your cat has parasites, it might begin to drop pounds. Your cat’s urge for food could keep the identical or improve, however the presence of the parasite could cause weight reduction. Regardless of how a lot cats eat, the parasite causes weight reduction as a result of they can’t get as a lot power from their eating regimen.

3. elevated urge for food

The presence of parasites could improve urge for food. This is among the frequent indicators of a worm infestation. Parasites deprive cats of important vitamins, so they should eat extra to remain wholesome. Nevertheless, as talked about earlier, an elevated urge for food can nonetheless trigger a cat to drop pounds, so a mixture of weight reduction and elevated urge for food might point out that the cat has parasites. There’s a nature.

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4. vomiting and diarrhea

Parasites could cause gastrointestinal irritation, inflicting vomiting and diarrhea. Vomiting and diarrhea are quite common signs of parasites. Cats could vomit to do away with hairballs, but when it occurs extra usually than regular, parasites could also be guilty. Gastritis attributable to parasites causes cats to expertise persistent vomiting and frequent nausea. Sure parasites cling to the intestinal wall, the place they feed, inflicting harm and irritation, normally inflicting diarrhea.

5. dry coarse fur

Dehydration from malnutrition and parasites could make your cat’s fur look boring, tough, and clumped, together with dry pores and skin. In case your cat has parasites, it impacts your cat’s general well being as a result of the parasites deplete your cat of significant vitamins. Your cat’s fur is a transparent indicator that your cat is both unwell or not getting sufficient of the fitting vitamins.

6. anemia

A wholesome cat’s gums needs to be pink. Nevertheless, if it appears to be like pale or white, your cat could also be affected by anemia attributable to parasites. If a cat is closely infested with parasites, anemia could develop because the parasites cling to the intestinal wall and trigger blood loss.

Bleeding and bloody diarrhea are attributable to some worms, reminiscent of hookworms, that connect to the intestinal wall and suck blood.

7. lethargy

As talked about earlier, worms are parasites that deprive cats of significant vitamins and power. Lengthy-term infestation can result in malnutrition and anemia in cats. This will result in lethargy, and if they do not get the vitamin they want, they’ll turn out to be exhausted and weak sooner than a wholesome cat.

8. cough

Cats can get heartworms, tapeworms, or lung worms, which may trigger coughing and shortness of breath. Parasite-infested coughs can happen after parasites enter the bloodstream or once they settle in and across the lungs. A parasite cough could also be seen together with different signs beforehand described, reminiscent of vomiting, weight reduction, and fatigue.

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How do cats turn out to be contaminated with parasites?

Cats can turn out to be contaminated with parasites by contact with contaminated feces or parasite eggs. This happens when cats ingest contaminated hosts reminiscent of mice or birds, stroll in areas with eggs or contaminated feces, groom themselves, or share litter bins containing contaminated feces. can happen if they’re ingested. Some roundworms and hookworms are usually not species-specific, so cats could decide up contaminated eggs from canine feces. Cats additionally usually get tapeworms from fleas.

What sorts of parasites can cats get?

Parasites that generally have an effect on cats are tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and whipworms. Moreover, a wide range of much less frequent cat parasites, reminiscent of heartworms, lungworms, liver flukes, and stomachworms, will be deadly or trigger severe well being issues.

How can I do away with cat parasites?

In case your cat is identified with parasites, your veterinarian provides you with an antiparasitic drug to kill the parasites in your intestine. Roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and whipworm infections will be handled with a variety of prescription medicines, however needs to be administered rigorously and as directed by your veterinarian. Cats may have further doses to kill any larvae that will have appeared after the preliminary dose.

If in case you have fleas in your house, your veterinarian can also advise a month-to-month flea preventive remedy, as tapeworm infestations could recur.

Over-the-counter remedies are additionally out there and simply accessible. Nevertheless, it isn’t beneficial to attempt to deal with parasites in cats with over-the-counter medication or pure treatments with out realizing their security and effectiveness. There is no such thing as a assure that these treatments will likely be efficient, and a few selfmade concoctions could also be poisonous to cats. It might appear simple and cost-effective, however it’s at all times finest to seek the advice of your veterinarian for the most effective and most secure parasite remedy.

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How can I stop parasites in my cat?

Good hygiene and using parasite and flea preventatives can assist stop parasites. Prevention is particularly essential for heartworms, as there is no such thing as a protected remedy for cats.

Cats that hunt often or stay with folks with compromised immune techniques needs to be dewormed frequently, not less than about each three months.

Frequent cleansing and alternative of indoor cat litter is essential to scale back publicity to contaminated faeces. In case your cat is outdoors, it’s best to take away particles out of your yard and use a deterrent to maintain pets and wildlife away out of your neighborhood.

What occurs if I do not deal with my cat’s parasites?

Relying on the kind and severity of the infestation, untreated worms could cause gentle to extreme well being issues in cats. Because the larvae journey by the physique’s organs and tissues to succeed in the gut, they’ll trigger extreme pores and skin infections, pneumonia, blindness, and convulsions.

Anemia, dehydration, and weight reduction can develop because the intestines proceed to lose blood and important vitamins which can be alleged to be absorbed. In some instances, it might even be deadly, for instance filariasis.


Cats carry parasites very often, however proudly owning a cat requires parasite prevention and remedy. In lots of instances, there aren’t any apparent indicators of parasites, so veterinarians advocate common fecal examinations. Potential indicators of a parasite infestation embody worms or worm particles within the stool, weight reduction, elevated urge for food, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, and decreased general well being of the cat. Left untreated, worms can hurt or sadly kill your pet, so for those who suspect your cat has worms, instantly acknowledge the indicators and search veterinary consideration. it is very important obtain

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