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Maltese Tear Stains: Causes and Prevention Ideas In response to Veterinarians

maltese puppy with tear marks

Maltese are playful and affectionate canines with stunning pure white fur…till unusual reddish-brown stripes seem round their eyes. Should you discover rust-colored traces round your canine’s eyes, your Maltese might have tear stains. Stains may seem in different colours, equivalent to tan or black. It is a pretty frequent downside with Maltese canines. This text discusses the indicators and causes of maltese tear stains and their signs.

What’s tear staining?

Tear stains are the residue of a canine’s eye mucus.1 Usually, a canine’s tears stream down the nostril (by way of the nasolacrimal duct) and down the throat. Nonetheless, in case your Maltese’s eyelid construction is irregular or they’re experiencing a blocked nasolacrimal duct, their tears might not drain as they usually would. As a substitute, tears seem in streaks on the fur alongside the nostril.

Lengthy, white fur traps moisture as tears stream down a Maltese’s face. This moisture promotes the expansion of micro organism and may trigger rust-like tear stains. These stains could cause pores and skin irritation and foul odors if not correctly cared for.

Tear stains are straightforward to note in white canines, however could be tough to identify in dark-coated Maltese. Should you discover tear stains, it is necessary to keep watch over your canine because it could possibly be an indication of different underlying medical situations.

What are the indicators of tear staining?

Probably the most noticeable signal of tear stains is darkish streaks working down a Maltese’s face. Because the situation progresses, you might also discover that your canine’s pores and skin is infected, particularly across the face. If the pores and skin is infected attributable to tear stains in your canine,2 It’s possible you’ll discover:

In extreme circumstances, you may even see different indicators equivalent to:

  • pores and skin infections
  • scab
  • Hair loss
  • lesion

Equally, pay attention to canine odors. Should you discover a foul odor emanating out of your accomplice’s face, it might point out invisible tear stains.

What causes tear stains?

Maltese tear stains might don’t have any different cause than the tears working down the face as a substitute of the nostril.3 It could additionally point out that one thing is unsuitable.

The reason why a canine’s tears might not drain correctly embody:

  • your canine’s eye sockets are shallow
  • Your canine has extra hair rising round his eyes
  • canine’s eyelids flip inward

The presence of tear stains might point out that one thing is irritating your canine’s eyes and inflicting them to supply too many tears. Listed here are some doable the reason why your canine could also be crying.

  • Trauma to facial bones
  • overseas physique within the eye
  • Tumors of the eyes, nostril, or different facial buildings
  • Obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct
  • eyelid irritation
  • Corneal wounds and ulcers
  • Glaucoma

Maltese canines are nearly at all times susceptible to ripping and bruising, however that is not often an indication of a severe medical downside. Nonetheless, when you have any considerations about your canine’s well being, don’t hesitate to seek the advice of your veterinarian. Canine tear stains seem reddish due to porphyrins, iron-rich pigment molecules. This molecule is repeatedly launched in a canine’s tears, bile, saliva, and urine.

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How do I look after my tear-stained Maltese?

Therapy for maltese tear stains will depend on the trigger. In case your Maltese has tear stains as a result of they’re a breed liable to tear stains, the very best factor you are able to do is cleanse their faces so the trapped moisture does not trigger pores and skin irritation or an infection. to watch out. To maintain your canine’s face clear, you should purchase canine ​​eye wipes or eye wash. When utilizing, remember to wipe the canine’s eyes in order that you don’t by accident push it into the canine’s eyes. Discuss to your veterinarian about which merchandise are finest for you and your canine.

After washing your canine’s face, dry it as nicely. Leaving a Maltese’s facial fur moist can lure moisture and result in infections. You might also have to trim your canine’s facial hair repeatedly. This may not cease tear stains from forming, however it’ll forestall the an infection from growing because of this.

Nonetheless, if an underlying medical situation is the reason for Maltese tear stains, therapy will depend on the complication. On this case, the one option to decide acceptable therapy is to obtain a prognosis and care plan out of your veterinarian. Your veterinarian might prescribe an ointment to attenuate your canine’s probabilities of growing an an infection, however some signs might require surgical procedure to appropriate. If surgical procedure is required, we are able to refer you to a specialist who can present high quality care to your canine.

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In case your veterinarian has given you a therapy plan, keep on with it. Any deviation from the plan might trigger the issue to return and require additional therapy for the Maltese. All the time observe your veterinarian’s directions rigorously, as this may be time consuming and costly.

Regularly Requested Questions (FAQ)

1. Can tear stains be prevented?

Tear stains are usually not at all times preventable, particularly in breeds just like the Maltese. Nonetheless, the presence of tear stains could be managed by common washing and trimming the hair across the eyes. Trimming the fur round your Maltese’s face may also help forestall tear stains from growing. Equally, wiping round your canine’s eyes twice a day will assist forestall particles buildup.

2. Which breeds are liable to staining?

In addition to the Maltese, there are a number of canine breeds which might be liable to tear stains.

These breeds embody:


Tear marks on a Maltese’s stunning white fur could be unpleasant, however they normally don’t point out a severe well being concern. Nonetheless, extreme watery eyes in canines can at all times be brought on by a medical downside. Should you’re nervous, do not hesitate to see your veterinarian. Fixed grooming of your canine will decrease the presence of tear stains and preserve your Maltese clear and looking out its finest.

Featured picture credit: Savitic, Shutterstock

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