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My cat likes to sleep on my abdomen, is that ordinary?

Some cats like to be cuddled and ultimately get into the behavior of sleeping on their proprietor’s face. More often than not, this conduct is an indication of belief and affection, so it may be taken as a praise. In spite of everything, a cat that feels unsafe won’t ever sleep in your face.

There are a number of the explanation why cats sleep on their proprietor’s abdomen. Cats cannot clarify why they behave the best way they do, so we will solely guess why they behave the best way they do.

Why cats sleep in your abdomen

Every cat is exclusive, which implies they’ve their very own causes for preferring to sleep on their proprietor’s face. Listed here are some attainable the explanation why they do that.

searching for heat

Cats are warmth seekers and like temperatures round 80°F to 90°F. Cats could favor to cuddle up on a blanket or heating pad, particularly throughout naps and sleep, as most properties have cooler temperatures. Your face turns into like a scorching water bottle and your cat could favor to sleep on it as a result of it feels heat.

Sleeping in your abdomen could also be strategic, as it’s a protected place in your cat. Your cat will be warmed by your physique temperature with out worrying about touching its limbs.

Cat sleeping on owner's chest or face
Picture Credit: Ripio, Shutterstock


A cat that has a robust bond with its proprietor sees the proprietor as a supply of reassurance. Due to this fact, some cats could need to be as near their house owners as attainable. Sleeping is a really weak act for cats, as they don’t seem to be totally conscious of their environment and have sluggish response occasions.

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Selecting to sleep on or close to your face on this scenario is an indication of belief, and your cat trusts you to guard them whereas they sleep.

need to entice consideration

Some cats could present affection or search consideration by sleeping in your abdomen. Cats have very delicate noses and can ultimately get used to your scent. Give your cat a way of safety and he or she could begin sleeping in your abdomen as a result of she needs to odor you. Sleeping underneath a blanket exposes solely your face, and your cat could need to sleep on it.

In my private expertise, I’ve discovered that my cats will normally do something to get my consideration. She loves being the middle of her consideration and may be very conscious once I’m not taking note of her. Typically she places her face on my face once I’m mendacity on the couch watching TV. I do know it is onerous to disregard a cat as soon as it seems on my face, and paying consideration each time a cat does one thing like that solely reinforces the conduct.

Territorial conduct

Cats are territorial animals, always marking and reinforcing their territory. They normally rub their face or physique towards one thing, odor it, and declare the thing as their very own. For this reason cats rub towards their house owners. They inform you that you’re affiliated with them.

Additionally, in cat colonies, cats rub towards different members of the colony. This leaves all cats within the colony with pheromones, forming a collective collective odor. Group scents assist keep peace within the colony and establish strangers. Due to this fact, your cat sees you as a part of a colony or territory and should select to sleep in your abdomen.

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cat snuggling up to owner
Picture credit: Cottonbro, Pexels

Is it protected for my cat to sleep on my face?

Usually, it is completely protected in your cat to sleep in your abdomen. When your cat sleeps subsequent to you in your mattress, your bond will develop. Cats will admire your heat, too, and can really feel relaxed once you’re round them.

I’ve a reasonably small cat so I do not thoughts if she sleeps on my abdomen. Additionally, she would not do it usually, however I’ve observed she usually does it through the winter and after I get house from a couple of days of journey.

There are some exceptions that may be harmful for each you and your cat. For instance, in case your cat tends to toss and switch throughout sleep or get up with nightmares, it might not be a good suggestion to let your cat sleep close to you or in your mattress. Sudden actions can startle your cat, and it will probably additionally injure you should you unintentionally hit it whereas sleeping.

Placing your cat to sleep in your face can be not the most suitable choice you probably have mud allergy symptoms or respiratory issues. A cat’s fur can carry a wide range of allergens, together with dander, mud, and grime, and get in touch with with them can exacerbate allergy signs. They’re additionally prone to be inhaled together with cat hair and may trigger respiratory issues.

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Cat wakes up owner sleeping in bed
Picture credit: Kasefoto, Shutterstock

Easy methods to get a cat to cease sleeping on its abdomen

If sleeping in your abdomen is an issue, you’ll be able to prepare your cat to cease this conduct. Understand that it’ll take a number of time and persistence to cease your cat from sleeping in your abdomen.

First, when your cat sleeps in your abdomen, it is necessary to not give her consideration, particularly if there is a motive for wanting consideration. Attempt to slowly flip your physique to the opposite aspect and gently pull the cat away out of your face. At the moment, attempt to not make any noise or discover the cat in order that it doesn’t discover that it has your consideration.

You can even begin coaching your cat to sleep in a special spot. Use treats to encourage your cat to sleep the place you need it, corresponding to subsequent to you or in your cat mattress. In the event you preserve rewarding your cat for sleeping in a selected place, she’s going to ultimately develop a optimistic relationship together with her new sleeping place and sleep there on her personal.


There are a lot of the explanation why cats sleep on their house owners’ faces. They could be searching for consideration, heat, or making an attempt to mark their territory. Usually, it’s innocent in your cat to sleep in your abdomen. Your cat’s desire for sleeping in your abdomen reveals that your cat trusts you adequate to sleep close to you.

Featured picture credit: osobystist, Shutterstock

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