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Purple Border Collie: Info, Historical past, Origins (with Photos)

Brown border collie dog lying in the woods

The Border Collie could also be most identifiable by its basic black and white coat, however there’s extra to this charming breed than you would possibly assume. Though uncommon, the purple Border Collie delights house owners with its unmatched intelligence and character, regardless of its beautiful hues that vary from shimmering reds to wealthy browns.

With the colour purple turning into increasingly fashionable annually, now’s the right time to understand this majestic heat pastoralist. Let’s discover the historical past of this distinctive magnificence and a few attention-grabbing details.

Breed overview

Appropriate for:

energetic household


Loyal, affectionate, energetic, clever, straightforward to coach, and stand out to strangers

The Purple Border Collie, often known as the Cunning Collie, has the identical genetics because the black and white breed. An exception is the gene for melanogenesis. These canine, as an alternative of inheriting a dominant gene that ends in the everyday black fur coloration, obtain her two alleles of the recessive pigmentation gene, making the canine brown or purple.

The father or mother of a purple border collie have to be both a purple border collie (having solely the purple genotype) or a black border collie with one recessive allele for purple coat. The gene that determines the brown or purple variation is recessive, making it a a lot rarer coloration than black.

Purple Border Collie Breed Traits



Excessive-energy canine require loads of psychological and bodily stimulation to remain comfortable and wholesome, whereas low-energy canine require minimal bodily exercise. When selecting a canine, it is vital to see if the canine’s vitality degree matches your way of life or vice versa.



Simple-to-train canine study instructions and behaviors shortly with minimal coaching. Canines which are tough to coach would require slightly extra endurance and observe.

well being:


Some breeds are extra vulnerable to sure genetic well being issues, some greater than others. This doesn’t imply that each one canine can have these points, however due to the excessive danger, it is very important perceive and be ready for any extra wants your canine could have.



Some breeds are extra social than others, each with people and with different canine. Extremely sociable canine are likely to run as much as strangers for pets and scratches, whereas much less sociable canine may be shy, extra cautious, and presumably even aggressive. No matter breed, it is vital to socialize your canine and expose him to quite a lot of conditions.

Earliest Report of Purple Border Collie in Historical past

The roots of the purple Border Collie, and all Border Collies for that matter, return a whole lot of years and originated within the borderlands of England and Scotland. Though they’d no identify on the time, these working canine have been invaluable all through the area for his or her adaptability, intelligence, and talent to herd.

The Border Collie started making a reputation for itself by impressing crowds at reveals within the late 1800s. Their eager herding expertise have translated right into a extremely trainable and agile breed. Queen Victoria introduced the Border Collie to prominence in her 1800s, making a number of canine her favourite pets. Breed golf equipment started to emerge as quickly because the second half of the century.

After the primary profitable sheepdog trials, the Worldwide Sheepdog Affiliation was based in 1906, making a breeding register and holding competitions. The aim was to enhance the fascinating qualities of the Border Collie as a working canine. Judges ignored bodily standards and rated collies based mostly on their deserves as “working canine.”

How the Purple Border Collie Turned Well-liked

Purple border collies are actually accessible by many breeders. However for purists, coloration has by no means been an vital issue. Purple remains to be uncommon. It might sometimes seem in puppies of black and white dad and mom, however dad and mom who’re devoted to their work and coaching qualities don’t discriminate their canine by coloration. Nonetheless, the purple Border Collie, whose distinctive physique coloration is available in a number of patterns, continues to realize followers with its enticing heat tones.

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Formal Certification of Purple Border Collie

The purple coloration is one in all a number of Border Collie colours acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership. The AKC licensed the breed in 1995. Since then, the Border Collie has been a staple of rally and agility podiums.

The popularity of the Border Collie Kennel Membership just isn’t essentially a optimistic step for Shepherd Affiliation officers. Many conventional organizations object to the structural requirements that organizations such because the AKC comply with, feeling that that is counterproductive to the herd’s capabilities they’ve promoted for over a century.

High 3 Distinctive Info About Purple Border Collies

1. Border collies can flip purple for a lot of causes

A number of genes come collectively to outline the purple border collie coat coloration. They’re related to options similar to white markings, coloration dilution, pigmentation, and patterns, leading to every little thing from monochromatic collies to multicolored marl.

The genes liable for the purple coloration of the border collie coat embrace TYRP1 and MC1R. Tyrosinase-related protein 1 (TYRP1) influences the manufacturing of eumelanin, which broadly determines the coloration of canine by imparting a dominant black or recessive brown coat. Two brown collies produce puppies which are brown throughout, however a black border collie can produce brown puppies if each dad and mom carry the recessive gene and are supplied.

The MC1R gene is usually related to the colour purple in Border Collies, giving canine names similar to ee purple and Australian purple. The identify ‘ee’ refers back to the MC1R recessive trait that causes the manufacturing of pheomelanin as an alternative of eumelanin. The dominant eumelanin gene causes canine with the ‘EE’ or ‘Ee’ genotype to be black or brown. A border collie with the “ee” genotype can have quite a lot of coat colours, together with purple, gold, and liver.

2. Purple Border Collie Might Secretly Be a Merle

The mutation that causes merle coat coloration requires canine to supply eumelanin in patches round their white, tan, and light-weight coats. Nonetheless, the ‘ee’ genotype doesn’t produce eumelanin, so the variegated coloration doesn’t seem as regular. As a substitute, the sample seems like a typical non-merle.

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Because of this, breeders and consumers should take particular measures to scrutinize purple Border Collies. DNA testing is crucial to keep away from mistakenly breeding two merle canine by mistakenly breeding merle canine for purple canine. The double merle gene places canine at a considerably larger danger of blindness and deafness, making their breeding an moral subject.

3. Purple border collies seem in quite a lot of patterns

Like the everyday black breed, purple border collies additionally are available in quite a lot of shades and patterns. Their brown hair may be proven in a basic two-tone association alongside white coloration or as a part of a speckled marl coat. On uncommon events, one-tone collies may be discovered with vivid purple fur throughout their physique.

Are purple border collies good pets?

Purple Border Collies are clever, energetic, and vigorous in comparison with Border Collies of different colours. They make glorious household pets, however they do not all the time do properly with babies operating round the home. Border collies are likely to herd and should chunk when attempting to maintain kids or different pets in line, a behavior that usually requires coaching.

Border Collies are enjoyable for knowledgeable canine house owners with energetic existence. You want at the very least two hours of train every day and loads of psychological stimulation to keep away from turning into bored and disruptive. Should you can provide your Border Collie the endurance, care and bodily involvement it requires, you can see that the Border Collie is among the most affectionate, enthusiastic and trainable canine conceivable.


The Purple Border Collie is a lovely offspring of an already outstanding breed. However coloration is usually of least curiosity to many, particularly with these canine. The purple breed Border Collie is exclusive and typically sudden, however Border Collies of any sample and coloration tone may be nice companions for the fitting proprietor.

Featured picture credit score: Julia Suhareva, Shutterstock

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