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The way to inform in case your cat has fleas? 8 Potential Indicators

cat with fleas

If there’s one factor that cat lovers don’t love about proudly owning a cat, it is fleas. Sadly, these little critters are sometimes carefully related to proudly owning cats and may be harmful to you and your cat. The presence of fleas shouldn’t be solely annoying, however could cause well being issues in your cat, so it is essential to forestall and deal with a flea infestation as quickly as attainable.

Sadly, fleas are good at going undetected till they present apparent indicators that your cat has settled. On this article, we’ll focus on widespread indicators that your cat is a flea host and provide you with some solutions. A extra essential query concerning undesirable aggressors.

8 indicators your cat has fleas

1. persistent scratch

If one thing causes itching, it is pure to scratch. There are a selection of issues that may trigger your cat to itch, however persistent, frantic scratching might point out fleas crawling of their fur. When a flea bites your cat’s pores and skin, it may be very itchy and uncomfortable.

2. extreme grooming

Cats have a behavior of grooming, and in the event you’re a cat proprietor, it’s possible you’ll pay attention to how a lot time your cat spends every day grooming. In case your cat begins grooming excessively, it’ll seem extra frantic than relaxed. In case your cat has fleas, this will happen together with persistent physique scratching. Along with scratching, they could excessively lick, chew, and chew on their fur and pores and skin.

3. restlessness

If you get bitten by a mosquito or a flea, that even the slightest chunk could cause numerous discomfort. Fixed scratching could cause extreme restlessness and irritability when the itch returns after a number of seconds, and so do cats with fleas. A stressed and agitated cat displays uncommon conduct, akin to fixed motion and place adjustments, meowing, and problem falling asleep.

4. pores and skin lesions or scabs

When a flea bites a cat, it creates tiny needles that pierce the pores and skin and assist the cat get meals. Cats can even have an allergic response to the saliva that fleas inject into their pores and skin. Some cats react mildly. Nevertheless, typically the pores and skin turns into infected and infected. Pink pores and skin lesions or scabs referred to as miliary dermatitis, which clearly point out flea or flea bites, generally happen on the buttocks, armpits, underarms, and neck of cats. Cats gnaw at these wounds to regulate the itch, so they could bleed and crust as they heal.

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5. hair loss

Flea itching could cause cats to continuously scratch, lick, chew, and chew, typically leading to bald patches in areas of extreme grooming. It’s generally discovered on the tail, neck and again of the legs.

You may additionally discover that your cat’s pores and skin and coat are dry and boring. It’s because cats don’t adhere to regular grooming habits and spend extra time attempting to regulate itching brought on by fleas.

6. flea grime

When fleas eat your cat’s blood, they digest it and excrete it as flea droppings or “flea grime.” These may be seen as small black specks on the cat’s physique or left the place the cat used to relaxation. To check for flea stains and common stains, put together a humid white paper kitchen towel. Put the granules there, and if it is flea droppings, you may begin to see a purple border seem across the granules on the paper. That is the so-called “moist paper check”.

7. Lethargy and pale gums

Fleas feed in your cat’s blood, which might trigger anemia and lethargy. Anemia is extra prone to happen in case your cat has giant parasites and has been fed for a very long time.

Lethargy is normally the primary signal of anemia as a result of it deprives the physique of the oxygen it wants for vitality. Torpid cats are weak and lack vitality, so they could go to sleep often. The gums additionally seem pale because of the lack of purple blood cells.

8. Your cat might keep away from sure areas of the home

Fleas usually desire a damp, 65-80°F setting. Many locations in your house are perfect for fleas, together with ground malls, below carpets, and corners of furnishings. Cats normally discover it extra itchy and extra agitated after a nap within the space, and keep away from the world thereafter. So in case your cat usually sleeps on the armrest of the sofa, however abruptly avoids sleeping there, it might be infested with fleas.

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How do I do away with fleas on my cat?

Fleas are very lively bugs, so watch your cat’s fur for indicators of motion. They’re wingless, flattened black bugs with three pairs of legs. In the event you watch it lengthy sufficient, you would possibly see it bounce off its coat. They run alongside the pores and skin between the hairs.

Use a fine-toothed flea comb each day to test for fleas from head to tail. The tines of the comb are made to entice fleas and take away them from the fur. Your subsequent possibility is to contact your veterinarian for assist. There are fast-acting medication that kill grownup fleas throughout the first half-hour. Be sure you use veterinarian-approved medicines to do away with fleas in any respect life levels.

How can I do away with fleas in my home?

A feminine flea can lay as much as 50 eggs every day. Eggs can simply fall off cats, persist with furnishings and carpets, and may infest your own home if they’ve an opportunity to hatch. If your own home is infested with fleas, do not panic. A fast response can assist remove them, however you need to make sure that they don’t recur.

Two main areas to work on are pets and their environments. 95% of the flea inhabitants lives within the setting, so in the event you do one and you do not do the opposite, you possibly can’t management the infestation.

First, it is best to vacuum your total residence, together with carpets and different areas the place fleas could also be lurking. After use, empty the vacuum cleaner or put it in a sealable plastic bag. Subsequent, collect all of your garments, blankets, bedding, cat blankets, and different machine-washable gadgets and wash them in scorching water to kill any fleas hiding inside.

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Visiting a veterinarian to debate your drawback and getting protected and efficient merchandise for pet and residential care is a crucial a part of the method.

In the event you’re in search of a extra pure methodology, some individuals swear by utilizing diatomaceous earth to kill fleas round the home. Nevertheless, it isn’t as efficient as skilled pet-safe chemical substances, and when you’ve got a big flea infestation, diatomaceous earth will take longer to do away with fleas. Diatomaceous earth solely kills grownup fleas and doesn’t cease your complete life cycle of fleas. An expert pest management service will do away with fleas shortly and can be again to be sure to do away with fleas.

Some pet dad and mom are hesitant to make use of chemical substances of their properties, however most pest management corporations supply protected options that will not hurt your pet. Nevertheless, your loved ones and pets should go away your own home whereas our technicians course of your property.

Can people get fleas from cats?

Fleas do not usually develop in human blood, however they’ll bounce from cats to individuals. The sting normally leaves a gentle itching sensation on the decrease extremities, ankles, and ft. On the whole, most individuals do not understand they’ve fleas of their properties if the pests are intensively feeding their pets. Nevertheless, if the flea infestation is giant sufficient, fleas will assault any mammal.


The obvious signal that your cat has fleas, apart from being seen, is that if your cat is scratching, biting, or licking extra frantically than standard. This could result in patches of hair loss, and flea bites might change into infected and noticeable. Total, you may discover that cats are agitated and stressed, and customarily keep away from areas in the home which may be infested.

It’s higher to take preventative measures to maintain pests away than to cope with them after they’ve invaded. Your veterinarian will advise you on utilizing preventative merchandise, akin to oral medicines and topical remedies, to maintain your cat free from fleas.

Featured Picture Credit: Maja Marjanovic, Shutterstock

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