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Tricolor Border Collie: Info, Origins & Historical past (with Footage)

border collie dog hiding in bushes

The Border Collie is taken into account the neatest canine breed on the planet. These herding canines are loyal, pleasant, and affectionate. Border Collies are workaholics and like to do their jobs, whether or not or not it’s herding, fetching, or excelling in agility programs. These canines are an awesome breed to maintain and are available a number of colour variations, particularly the tricolor coat.

This text explores the Border Collie’s uncommon tricolor coat and different invaluable details about this fascinating breed.

Breed overview


white, black, tan, pink, brown, blue merle

Appropriate for:

lively households, households with youngsters, households with livestock


Loyal, affectionate, good, straightforward to coach, pleasant, energetic, affectionate

The tri-color coat is a uncommon colour variation for this breed, consisting largely of black, tan and white. The commonest colour variations are his two colours, black or brown with a white band masking the chest, neck and shoulders. Tan is his third colour discovered on this breed and may be discovered on the face, tail and legs. These canines may have a blue merle or pink merle coat.

The tricolor fur provides the Border Collie an uncommon but stunning look because of the vibrant combos that happen within the fur. The weather-resistant double coat is dense, and there are two styles of him: a medium-length, feathery, tough coat, and a brief, clean coat.

Traits of the Tricolor Border Collie

Oldest Document of Tricolor Border Collie Ever

Border collies have been round for 1000’s of years and had been bred as sheepdogs. The breed is believed to have originated within the 1700s or 1800s in Northumberland, which is positioned throughout the Scottish-English border, therefore the title “Border” Collie. As for the extra uncommon tricolor coats, the breed started with a tricolor Border Collie named Previous Hemp who is taken into account the daddy of this breed.

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Some specialists imagine that the roots of those canines may be traced again to Roman instances, about 2,000 years in the past, when the Romans introduced the drabber canines to Britain, however this a part of the historical past is exactly is just not clear.

How the Border Collie Turned Common

As soon as upon a time, this breed was thought-about solely as a working canine, given its wonderful herd-building means.However they grew to become widespread in 1919th It was across the flip of the century that Queen Victoria grew to become a fan of the breed and commenced holding them as pets. Queen Victoria wasn’t the one fan of hers. The general public started to pay attention to the affectionate, affectionate and dependable nature of this breed, leading to an increase in reputation not solely as distinctive herding canines, but in addition as companion pets.

Border collies traveled all over the world in the course of the colonial period, serving to out shepherds on farms.

Formal Certification of Border Collies

A number of organizations acknowledge the Border Collie and its many colour variations. The North American Sheepdog Affiliation was based by him in 1940 with the purpose of preserving and selling the breed’s wonderful shepherding talents. The American Border Collie Affiliation was based in 1983 and is the most important registration company ever. This non-profit group was based by breeders who wished to go away a report of their Border Collie pedigree. In addition they fund border collie well being analysis and genetic analysis.

The American Kennel Membership (AKC) categorised the breed as a miscellaneous class in 1955, however lastly acknowledged it as its personal breed class in 1995. Lastly, the American Border Collie Affiliation was based in 1990 and continues to keep up the integrity of the Border Collie. Selling accountable breeding and possession, in addition to selling breeding.

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5 Distinctive Info About Tricolor Border Collies

1. Border collies excel at search and rescue

Not solely are these canines nice herders, they’re additionally wonderful in search and rescue operations and even regulation enforcement. Tales exist of Border Collies saving their homeowners from dire, life-threatening conditions. His one such story considerations an proprietor who fell off a 70-foot cliff in a distant space. Saul, the proprietor’s border collie, was working in circles, leaping and barking to alert rescue groups to his distant location.

2. The tricolor coat is available in many colours

The commonest tricolor coat colour variations are black, white, and tan. Nevertheless, different colour variations embody stable blue, black, sable, gold, pink, slate, seal, and lilac, often paired with white or tan. If the tricolor coat is brown, the canine’s nostril can be brown as an alternative of black.

3. Celebrities who love border collies

The Border Collie is a well-liked canine breed amongst elite celebrities equivalent to Tiger Woods, Jeff Daniels, James Franco, Selena Gomez and Jon Bon Jovi. The legendary James Dean additionally cherished Border Collies and owned this breed.

4. they’ve a singular squatting posture

We all know that Border Collies are wonderful pastoralists, however additionally they have a singular sneaky crouching conduct when herding. They’ve the power to behave silently and may transfer with wonderful precision and velocity in a crouching place. In addition they have a fierce sight that enables them to herd livestock with much less bodily encroachment.

5. border collie is a film star

This breed boasts a sizeable share on the massive display screen. Border collies may be seen in motion pictures equivalent to: babeand snow caninein addition to the TV collection, little home on the prairie. Their smarts have made them a clever alternative as a canine breed for motion pictures, and they are often seen in lots of commercials.

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Are tricolor border collies good pets?

Border collies make wonderful pets no matter their colour sample. They’re affectionate, loyal, and extremely good, which makes for a clean housetraining. Nevertheless, it’s excessive in power and requires extreme train. The breed needs to be exercised over time, particularly for canines not used for livestock. They’re happiest once they have work to do and do properly in agility programs and different canine competitions.

They’re quirky, moody, and may be cautious of strangers, however more often than not they’re enjoyable and desirous to please people. They’ll get alongside properly with different canines if socialized early, however needs to be supervised if launched. This breed does properly with youngsters, however do not be shocked in case your Border Collie “gnaws” your youngsters’s heels in an try to drive them away (biting is just not a chew and is innocent). . General, the Border Collie is a well-liked canine breed to maintain and a enjoyable canine to have round.


Border collies are available many colour variations, and the tricolor is an uncommon colour sample. Border collies have the identical temperament no matter their colour or colour sample. They require at the very least an hour and a half to he two hours of train every day and change into bored and harmful with out some type of bodily and psychological stimulation.

The Border Collie is at all times an adventurous breed and a pleasure to personal. Given their intelligence, they’re straightforward to study home coaching and tips and are affectionate and dependable. Should you’re searching for a breed so as to add to your lively household, the Border Collie is a superb alternative.

Featured picture credit score: Joop Snijder Images, Shutterstock

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