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Why do rabbits grind their tooth?5 potential causes

healthy rabbit teeth

If you happen to’re new to the world of rabbit care, one habits you may instantly discover is bruxism. Usually, that is nothing to fret about, however chances are you’ll need to take your rabbit to the veterinarian when it grinds its tooth.

Every little thing relies on how exhausting you grind your tooth. That will help you perceive what you could do, I’ve highlighted right here why rabbits grind their tooth and methods to inform the distinction between nice and unsightly tooth grinding. !

5 causes rabbits grind their tooth

1. they’re struggling

If you happen to’ve had your rabbit for some time and that is the primary time he is gnashing his tooth, it could be as a result of he is in ache. This may be much more pronounced if there are important modifications in habits or posture. In case your rabbit is in ache, your cat could slouch or sleep lower than standard.

In case your rabbit is in ache and is clenching its tooth, it is essential to get it to your veterinarian as quickly as potential to determine what is going on on and deal with the issue.

2. they’re careworn

In case your rabbit goes via an enormous change and begins gnashing loudly, stress could also be inflicting the habits. Each day stressors for rabbits embody shifting, including new animals, and having extra folks than standard.

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Understand that shifting is not essentially shifting home, it could possibly be so simple as shifting to a brand new room. For delicate stressors, you do not have to do something, however your rabbit could recognize spending a little bit extra time with you to assist calm him down a bit.

3. they’re sick

Another excuse rabbits gnash their tooth loudly is that if they don’t seem to be feeling effectively. This could possibly be one thing like a urinary tract an infection, or it could possibly be quite a lot of diseases. Both means, it is essential to take your rabbit to the veterinarian if it is feeling unwell and gnashing its tooth. A veterinarian can know precisely what’s going on and get the correct remedy.

4. they’re blissful

Simply as cats purr when they’re blissful, rabbits gently grind their tooth when they’re glad. In case your rabbit has been round for a number of months and you might be simply beginning to discover some delicate bruxism, that is nothing to fret about. They’re simply beginning to really feel comfy and blissful in your house.

5. they’re relaxed

For rabbits, being blissful and stress-free go hand in hand. A very powerful distinction right here is that the rabbit could also be relaxed and evenly gnashing its tooth whereas sleeping. They’re nonetheless blissful at house, however in conditions like this, the misery comes from feeling extra relaxed than blissful.

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When to Take Your Rabbit to the Vet for Enamel Grinding

If you happen to’ve observed your rabbit gnashing and also you’re making an attempt to resolve if you could take him to the vet, the very first thing you must hear for is the noise degree of the gnashing. If it sounds delicate, don’t be concerned. Rabbits make delicate squeaky sounds when they’re blissful and relaxed.

Nonetheless, when you discover a loud rumbling or chattering sound, it is normally an indication that one thing is improper. If tone alone is not sufficient to inform, there are a number of different indicators to look out for.

These indicators embody:

  • lack of urge for food
  • tearful eyes
  • hiding
  • habits change
  • low power
  • refuse to get entangled

In case your rabbit reveals these behaviors along with bruxism, you must take him to the veterinarian instantly. The earlier you deal with it, the extra seemingly your vet will know what is going on on and deal with it whereas it is nonetheless delicate.


Now that you simply perceive a little bit extra about why rabbits grind their tooth, it is as much as you to determine why they grind their tooth. When unsure, play it secure and take him to your veterinarian. The worst-case situation is on your vet to inform you “nothing is improper”, however that is a lot better than one thing going improper and never taking him to the vet.

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Featured picture credit: Roselynne, Shutterstock

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