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Why Is My Maltese Licking So A lot? 14 Attainable Causes

Maltese are fantastic small canine that may be affectionate pets. It additionally has many options that make it fascinating and fascinating. One such quirk is that this breed tends to lick greater than different breeds. Whether or not it is licking itself, you, or an inanimate object, it is most definitely not a damaging signal, and the explanations might be any of a protracted record, but it surely’s doable that your canine is licking. It’s best to search for sure different indicators, signs, and doable indications. struggling in a roundabout way.

Beneath are 14 doable the reason why your Maltese is licking a lot.

14 Attainable Causes Your Maltese Licks So A lot

1. love

Licking you or different individuals or animals generally is a signal of affection. If a Maltese runs as much as you while you come dwelling and tries to lick your hand or lick your face, it most likely misses you and is blissful that you simply’re again dwelling. It is a signal that there’s

2. allergic response

Allergic reactions could be very distressing for canine, and one of many signs of an allergic response is a rash or pores and skin irritation. Licking is a canine’s pure protection towards harm and pores and skin injury. Sadly, this may make issues worse and worsen the rash and response. Search for different indicators, reminiscent of watery eyes, extreme consuming, or an upset abdomen.

3. anxiousness

Canine can undergo from anxiousness similar to people, however every canine responds to anxiousness in another way and tries to battle it in another way. A technique to try this is by licking. It might be from remembering being licked by your mom while you had been younger, or just distracting your self from making you are feeling uneasy. Take into account a state of affairs the place a canine is licking. If it makes loud noises or licks so much when left alone, it might be an indication of hysteria.

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4. Observe

In case your Maltese is licking you, it might merely be attempting to get your consideration. In case your canine is all the time responding to licking himself, he might do the identical factor once more in an try to get your consideration. In case your canine is licking you and it is approaching supper time or stroll time, he might merely be attempting to get your consideration.

5. boring

Bored Maltese search for methods to entertain themselves or distract themselves from their boredom. A technique to do that is by licking your self. Or possibly your canine is licking you as a result of he is bored and needs you to play with him or take him for a stroll.

6. snug

Licking provides your canine a way of safety. They know you’re there and you’re near them, which additionally reminds them of herd conduct. Maltese canine thrive on human companionship and this may result in extreme or pointless licking.

7. communication

Since canine can not converse in the identical manner that people do, they’ve restricted however nonetheless very efficient communication abilities. When canine really feel that different strategies of communication aren’t working, they could lick to convey some message to their house owners. That is one other event the place that you must think about context to know what your canine is attempting to say.

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8. pleasure

When canine get excited, they need to share their pleasure with you. A technique is by licking you. This may also be an indication of over-stimulation or over-excitement. Your canine could be very excited and licks as a strategy to launch the stimulus.

9. grooming

In case your Maltese is licking itself, different animals, and even your self, it might be grooming its proprietor. Canine lick themselves not solely to remain clear, however for different causes as nicely. In case your canine sees you as a part of the pack and needs to care for you, he might attempt to groom you. Alternatively, they could be licking themselves merely as a strategy to clear themselves, particularly if the canine is soiled or has simply been exterior.

Ten. behavior

If a canine licks itself, its proprietor, or an object too usually, it turns into a behavior. For instance, if he begins licking furnishings or carpets when he leaves for work, he might proceed to take action each time he leaves the home, even when he feels much less anxious about being left alone. Chances are you’ll want to coach your canine to cease compulsively licking.

11. illness

Though uncommon, licking generally is a signal of sickness. Along with licking rashes, maltese may lick for gastrointestinal illnesses or toothache. Search for different signs and think about your canine’s normal demeanor to find out if it is a doable sickness.

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12. beneath inspection

Canine instinctively lick different canine’ scents and urine as they discover their surroundings. Your canine might lick a random spot outdoor throughout a stroll to raised assess the smells of its environment.

13. Submission

Canine are pack animals, and canine packs have a hierarchical construction. If a maltese sees you as greater within the pack, or believes you to be the principle caretaker (feeder), he might lick you as an indication of submission.

14. style

Whether or not it is your sweat or the leftovers of the meals you simply ate, a Maltese licking you might merely be an indication that he likes the style of what is in your pores and skin. When you’re fearful your canine is licking one thing unhealthy, make sure to wash your palms or cease your canine from licking his pores and skin.


Maltese canine are enjoyable, affectionate little canine that make nice pets, however they’ve some uncommon quirks. They’re recognized to be simple to lick. They’ll possible lick you themselves, and should lick inanimate objects reminiscent of furnishings and carpets. Though not often an indication of sickness, licking generally is a signal of sickness, so it’s best to control the conduct and think about different signs and behaviors.

Featured picture credit: smrm1977, Shutterstock

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